I got persuaded to do a project at the Ethelred youth centre and that's because I was just kicking the ball around when Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful were there doing a project. I participated and thought it was good for me because it helped to make me think and allowed me to get my voice heard in the community.
Mr Ackeem Cole. Lambeth

A voluntary member of Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful who thought I'd be interested in a literature project approached me in the library. They were right and since then they've also given me advice about other things to help with my career choices. I have a son who they gave me modelling networks for and gave me a strategic plan for my son should he be successful. The advice was to save as much as I could for his future education. They advised me to go to Kids London because they said they were the best and also local. The most surprising aspect of this was that it came from a basic knowledge that they already knew, no research needed. That's what I'm impressed about the most, Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful have a lot of contacts and a wealth of information to give for almost everything.
Miss Irene Boateng. Lambeth

As a social Enterprise Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful have continued to grow within the community with outstanding outcomes and individual personal achievements. This is the very reason as to why I dedicate my services to better young peoples lives with projects for Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful.
Director: Faded Pictures. Hammersmith.

I have been contributing to the efforts of not- for-profit-organisation Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful and their work within the community since the very beginning in 2003. I feel privileged to have been chosen to participate in the development of our young people within the deep levels of our community. I have learnt that to give back is a blessing in disguise and by extending my hand to others I have also gained opportunities.
A RA-TID Productions. West Norwood

As a senior member of this community I have witnessed my grandson Matthew Edie become more responsible not only as an individual but as a man. Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful came into his life at the right time. Matthew was floating around and the organisation gave him a goal and perspective on his future. My grandson has grown in maturity and is no longer embarrassed to accompany me with my shopping because his family loyalty is back.
Mrs A Downie. Streatham.

To all young people who need support with their career choice Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful as a team are outstanding. They're a bunch of individuals that work extremely hard to met the outcomes of their clients. Times that were in bed the Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful team are hard at work in the AM.
Ian Douglas. Battersea

My experience with Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful, was a joyous one. The things I learnt about the 80's has inspired me to go back to my roots and think more about my culture. My only question is why wasn't this done sooner?
During the 80's Babies sessions, I learned how to approach the world, in my own unique way. In the sense that people should see you how you truly are and not what they want you to be.
I have also learned not to be shy, true everyone says that, but truly whenever I was in a room full of people, the one sitting by herself in a corner trying to be inconspicuous was me! Now when a room is full and people are laughing you will always find me at the centre of it all, to some people's annoyance.
I have also gained some genuine friends who are out to help other people, which have restored my faith in the human race that people are not just out for all they can get and not thinking of others. This has rubbed of on me to, in the sense that you should help people without wanting anything in return.
Miss Victoria Ijeh- Okusanya. Lambeth

Gosh, I have to be real innit, Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful helped to turn my life around completely and be more positive with certain situations. I'm not one hundred percent ready within my life but I'm getting there. That's why I'm not yet a client, cos I need to give them one hundred and fifty percent because they work hard for us. I haven't forgotten the time I received an email at 3am in the morning. The most important thing for me is that these doors stay open for us young ones in the community. I think everyone has to do their own bit and give back to society but this team have a different approach that we appreciate and respect, and that's because the interest given by Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is genuine.
Miss Chaniece Watson. Wandsworth

The Director is totally driven in her leadership of an organisation dedicated to the development of young people. It is incredible to see a young person with such energy who is so skilled in engaging and inspiring other young people to become involved. The Director has created a dynamic youth culture project which is truly run by young people for young people.
Sandra Crouch, Economic Development Consultant

Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise