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Black love has stood the test of time and as a people we have certainly overcome. A people who are capable of loving each other in such deep and profound ways, that it can even make passers by smile with contentment.

Sister Love:

He was so so new that even today I pinch myself. My man isn’t very educated but when we met he was the exploring type. He made me feel like pretty women, bwoy I was a pretty woman. He would say in the beginning that he liked going to the cinema and playing pool and other things.

I thought yeah the usual type of black man and other things stood for watching football in a pub. But the first time we played pool it was very intimate with him stretching over me, showing me how to pot the ball right and teaching me a whole new outlook on what he considered to be a great sport. I was fascinated at how this man could blow my mind with a game that I never took seriously and how his flirtatious moves were intelligent without being too sleazy. I was intrigued, so I set up a meeting for a next date.

He called me everyday until the next date and we got to now each other until 3am, 4am, 5am. One day I went to work with no sleep at all. The date arrived and he came in a cab. I asked if his car had broken down and he said he didn’t want to spend time watching the road he wanted to watch me. I most admit his comment made me nervous but he told me to get used to it. All the way in the cab he starred at me intently and there we were at the park in the middle of nowhere with what looked liked a horse and carriage coming our way.

The carriage had yard food prepared in a picnic basket for us, he had hired the carriage for three hours and it was the most perfect thing he could’ve done because after that I was his, ready to throw caution to the wind. I thought things like that only happened in Hollywood movies and here it was happening to me a girl from North London. After that night he opened his whole world to me and took me to museums, west end plays weekend trips to Brighton. Most brothers I’d been out with treated London as though it had no experiences to give, no culture to discover and with the ignorant knowledge that the experiences on offer were closed to them.

Driving back from Sunday dinner, which became our regular thing either at his mums or mine he blurted out that he thought he was falling in love with me and that he couldn’t believe his luck on how he met me, which was on the street. He was driving and I was walking, he pulled up beside me, got out of his car, I began to walk faster, he ran after me and said “Can I have your number to take you out sometime? It wasn’t the car, even though it was a Mercedes it was the manner and tone of his voice, his eyes looked genuine.

There was something about him, so I gave him my mobile number. Our wedding day has come and gone and he is soon to be the proud father of our first baby.

Karleen from Dalston

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