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Black love has stood the test of time and as a people we have certainly overcome. A people who are capable of loving each other in such deep and profound ways, that it can even make passers by smile with contentment.

Brother Love: The Girl in Tesco

My days were long working behind the till in Tesco’s until I saw this gorgeous girl. She was so independent that I thought I’d never be able to get her because her shopping was stocked with groceries that I could never afford, £150 each visit intimated me.

The visit to my till that changed everything was when I picked up the Always towels and they went all over the counter. I didn’t know where to put my face, mostly because I was embarrassed for her but surprisingly she was cool and calm about it and told me to wait whilst she got a new packet.

After that we said the courtesy hi and hello’s and then I found out her name was Tamara. Then another thing happened and that’s when I asked her out, Tamara didn’t have enough money to buy all of her items so as she figured out what to take and keep I said if she’d like to go to a poetry night. Tamara turned up.

I was shocked and relieved all at the same time. If I was lighter in complexion she would’ve seen me turn bright red in front of her. I managed to get it together and we made our poetry night a regular thing. I finally built up the courage to make it more personal, asked her to dinner and the rest is our future together, which I am enjoying immensely.

A word to all men out there, if she earns more than you it don’t matter. It’s what in your head, heart and ???? that counts so go for it when you spot a gorgeous Nubian sista.

Sebastian from Balham

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