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Sade was an inspirational, creative new artist that has not only inspired my music, but has shown me the way to true expression.

Let me tell you how it was when sultry and soulful, Sade first appeared on the scene.  She was doing her own thing, creating a style where jazz, soul and pop blended with a soulful voice to create the sound of Sade. No other artist at that time dared to do what she was creating- for that you have to give her respect.

The Nigerian-born Grammy winning English singer, composer, songwriter, and record producer, was inspired by the greats like: Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye..

Her first foray into the music business was when she was a singer of a Latin-soul group named Arriva. This is when she first performed the song ‘Smooth Operator,’ which would eventually become her first US hit and the formation of her band Sade.

But for me it was her song "Your Love is King" that really made her one of the best recording artist of the eighties. Her words reaches out and touches your heart. It's one of the best love songs recorded. I admire Sade's music , and her classy sexy cool attitude is something I'm working on in my performance and music. Like Sade, I want my music to reach a wide audiences. And on a personal level she is a role model to all female singers.
Research by FLOetic Lara

Caron Wheeler
As a singer myself there are certain artist you admire for pure tone, and powerful vocal range. Nobody could touch Caron Wheeler, she has the most amazing gospel, R&B voice and her collaboration with ‘Soul2Soul’ created a new sound that has lasted beyond the eighties.

Caron Wheeler gained fame by writing and singing the lead vocals on the two biggest hits for ‘Soul2 Soul’ ‘Keep on Movin' and ‘Back to Life.’

She later found fame with the female vocal group 'Brown Sugar' along with vocalist Kofi whose solo hit "Black is My Colour" is today considered in reggae circles a classic. In fact the two were re-united in October 2005 at the Metropolitan Black Police Association's annual gala at The Barbican in London

Caron has become one of those unsung heroes of the eighties and deserves much more respect. As a woman I can identify with her words bringing social events, black consciousness and sisterhood into play and as a performer she is powerful. She is an inspiration.
Research by Martina aka Ava B

David Bowie
As a DJ I'm always looking for a new sound, new beat and a distinctive voice to mix. Mr Bowie toured with the ‘Soul’ sound in America before Soul2Soul and without his contribution I firmly believe that Soul2Soul would not have been accepted the way they were by the U.S. Because of me David Bowie was introduced into the debates of the ‘80’s Babies’. Mr Bowie for me is an artist that has always pushed music to the limits. He's not to everyone's taste but the one thing that I like about David Bowie's music is that he changes his looks, the sound but never the voice. It is his voice that gives the artist the edge, something that I always look for in music.

Where do you start with an artist that has record 5 decades of hits, changed his stage name for Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Bowie and has been one of the most influential rock, pop music artist for the 70's to present day. For me the most important period of Bowie's career was his release of Ashes to Ashes. His strange appearance, almost alien like and his electronic sounds and synths were fresh and distinctive. No one had David Bowie sound. In the eighties he moved away from the psychedelic soundscapes to move pop with Let's Dance album, but his songwriting gave pop an edge.
China girl was a political commentary of the end of the Russian and US cold war which all play out to distinctive beats.

I have the greatest admiration for David Bowie's work and how even his early work like "Major Tom" still stands up today. As a DJ/Producer I want to create work of his statue and hopefully my music will have the lifespan that David Bowie's music has.
Research by DJ Knowlegde

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