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First assignment was a five track EP that I put out in 2002. This EP showed a range of diversity, with tracks such as Prejudice which deals with racial issues in life today. The street favourite was a track called "Terrorism" which featured six artists on a banging hip hop instrumental with a touch of rock influence and was also up tempo. The EP was sold on the streets and through this I met established artists and other up and coming artist like myself.

With determination to get himself known I would perform where ever there were open mic slots. Along the journey Tera met up with other artist and was asked to join a group at the time the group were called Verbal Dialect, but has now changed to the "Colony". As a group were full of energy and determination and what made us stand out from the rest were our different cultural back grounds and in terms of skills every one brought something new to the table. I left the group in 2003 due to artistic differences.

After leaving the group I began to work on his solo album titled "Society Absurd". This contained 10 tracks and was released in 2004 prior to the release of the album I released a single called "Karma". This received good response on the streets and was also played on the radio, choice fm, Genesis radio, 1xtra and Woah fm.

In addition I was performing at so many venues, including the Z Bar where I met the organisers of Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful in order to promote the album. I was finally blessed and performed to the one of the bigesst audience I've had to date, 2003 Brockwell Park in Brixton and Burgess Park for peace in the streets. The first video released off the album was "Who’s on the mic?" Another street favourite. This was aired on Ben TV.

The album is very diverse, all tracks are different as they have different subject matters. It was titled Society Absurd as it was based on my life experience and views on life, I made the album serious but funny.

This is my strength in, song writting with good lyrical context. I'm a good story telling and have good delivery, my skills are tight. Even though I'm serious I try to compensates with humor therefore my music is entertaining to listen to.

I'm all about the hip hop, humble non materialistic and represents for the people on the streets going through hard times. I'd also like think that I represent those not living the streets going through hard times.

The next album is "Correspondents from the Endz" and is out soon this is proven to be my best work so far.

For more details you can check my web page on www.myspace.com/terauk.

So if you want to collaborate or book me in for show just hit me upon the page

Nuff love .. ONE.

Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise