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Its now been four years since Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful was launched into the community. A lot of growth and changes since have taken place and it makes me proud to know that Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is a name that many in the community continue to trust.

I understand that the name Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful was chosen because it is capable of encapsulating discussions about the role of leaders and the needs of young people, while being broad enough to discuss other issues relevant towards the care of the black community.

In some of our black communities many young people find themselves at risk of violence and crime because of their lack of power to determine where, when and how their lives will unfold. What is less recognised is that the cultural beliefs and expectations that make this the case also heighten young peoples vulnerability.

I hope that Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful's unbroken determination for the betterment of young black people will manifest one day soon into an establishment to be treasured and accepted by all.

Mr Wayne Marshall

Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise