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Dear Mr & Miss Black And Beautiful

First and foremost I would like to express my honour of being chosen to become a patron for Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful.
I am delighted to accept the invitation as I feel there is a huge lack of black leadership in the United Kingdom. I think the community project is a brilliant way to boost the moral of so many talented and aspiring young black professionals.

Mr & Miss Black and Beautiful sends out a message of hope and anything is possible!

I chose my particular career path because I love Music .Its not a job it’s a passion. When I sing, I feel alive. Each time I see somebody appreciate what I do it makes it even more worthwhile.
I won't tell you it’s easy, as you have to take the highs with the lows. Once you can accept that, you shall overcome.

I am looking forward to share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen and learn.
Remember the sky is the limit. Only you stand in your way!

Yours faithfully

Terri Walker

Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise