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The situations that our young people have to face in today's society is unfair. The activities that are placed within the community is paramount with the development of adult minds and the successful transformation into a fulfilling adult life.

Now that we are a part of the BAME community I am proud to be a part of an organisation like Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful. I know that in years to come this services will become invaluable to all communities within Britain. We are all connected in some way and the way in which young people are networked throughout the beginning of their career by Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful is impressive.

I have witnessed young people gain access to their dream jobs and receive a good wage within their first year. But more importantly I have witnessed young people change with their behaviour, they become more accountable for their actions and act positivley towards their own lifestyle. They become young people who have a purpose and a place in society.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Peter Singh