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The ideology of our society as history records it is one in which people considered to be black finds it hard to succeed. Therefore stereo typical barriers are formed, such as seeing the 'blacks' as under-achievers and unfortunate.

Today with inspiring programmes such as the MR AND MISS BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL, has given a whole new meaning to what 'black' was seen as then. Over the years, many fought for this truth to be revealed. And while we are on this victory path the MR AND MISS BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL programme is another evidence of the proud and beautiful people we are.

I am a proud patron of this programme, with the hope of inspiring other young people who might share a common background to me. As a young person myself, I believe that we all have the potential to do even greater.

Having come from a very poor background myself, I want to be a beacon of change. Showing these young people that it's not about culture, faith, sex or ethnicity. It's about the individual! While we live in a multicultural society, let us all the equal.

It's that hidden talent within our young people that make them unique. As inspirers all we need is to give them the 'perfect platform' to endorse their true selves.

I am convinced that programmes such as these are resourceful to show the hope that shines through all ages.

Yours Sincerely

Omar C. Richards