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Music to me is an oulet, a way of expressing myself. allowing me to invite people into my world. People are able to hear about my life and what goes on in and around it. I believe music has a meaning to express joy and sorrow which what I do. From an early age I have been musically orientated, my father was in the world famous "Cocksun Sound" who played reggae, dub plate and popularJamaican artsist material. My parents also influenced me as a child by playing the music of their own era, Bob Nester Marley, Marvin Gaye and other legends. Then within my own generation my Hip Hop influences were Kriss Kross, Tupac, Biggie, Busta, Nas, Jay Z and many others have been influencial to my sound.

As an artist myself my music is a fusion of RnB and Hip Hop, reminisicent of old school rap with a soul flavour, catchy hooks and melodies. I tend to have messages within my music that are sometimes slightly political, addressing issues surrounding us and the people within our community. Sometimes these are light hearted, laidback messages of peace love and unity, other times its all about having fun.

The name "2-Way" stems from the different ways in which Daniel and I approach various subjects also the different styles we bring to the forefront as artists. Daniel "Ease" has a raw British flow and accent and myself "Cease" tend to merge UK with an American flow and twang. Bringing together a collective of two different minds and fushions.

Our music is designed to appeal to a mass audience made up of all age groups and nationalities, young to old, white to black. This why being a steering group member for the "80'sBabies" project appealled to us both. In the 80's there seemed to be more unity with artists, you could hear the instrumentals and knew it was a certain kind of artist, or even guessed the artists name before the artist even begun to sing. I want to learn how to further develop my own unique sound, hopefully I will acquire that knowledge from Don E when we go into his studio to work on our 80's song. I want to stand out and "2-Way " need to be apart from all the other artists coming up in our generation. I've already learnt a lot and I can't wait to learn more about the 80's musical movement that has been handed down to us all.

Thank You for reading!!


Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise