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My parents were born in Britain and so was I. Guess that makes me the second generation to do my thing in this very privileged society. I have wanted to sing for as long as I can remember. Singing is my passion, my only career goal in life. Performing for me is to feel Lauryn Hills infleuences and inspirations in my life seeping through the way I hold my mic. Marvin Gaye by the way I look into peoples eyes when performing. Missy Elliot for the need I have to entertain my audience. Bessie Smith for the way she captivated her audience with just one smile and a lasting note that would be sung to perfection. I would stand as firm as Nas for the way in which he never flinches as an artist. I am true to myself no matter what people say. Just as long as the people that know me and love me understand. I sing what I like because it is my right.

The music I write is because of the persuasive artists above, they dominated their sound. They chose words that were meaningful and used lyrical context that guided their audience. Once in a blue moon a unqiue artist will grace a generation, I'd like to think I have the chance to become such an artist.

In reality we all know that without the backing of a hot producer who has their own funds to shell out for, studio costs, marketing, pa's, touring and much, much more. The chances and opportunities that are left open to us young British go getters are simply 'X Factor' or 'Pop Idol' combined with a miracle. But I never could make it to those auditions so I'm here with Mr and Miss Black and Beautiful learning about 80's artists and the music they made. Learning that black Britiains once had a powerful position in the world of the musically gifted. For me this is very rewarding and an honour to be a part of this movement. Lets hope that with the lessons and musical wisdom learnt throughout the duration of this journey, my aspirations will be closer and more obtainable.

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