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Cola: Anyway back to the question!

Kat: I measure success by how many people I meet in my life. You can’t actually measure it until the end. So, when I’m six foot under that’s when I’ll review my life, I’ll measure success that way.

Cola: How would you like to be remembered?

Kat: Ah, he was not perfect but he was fun, different. He spoke his own mind. That and ah, urm oooh (big sigh) Just Kat, Kat is Kat.

Cola: Who is your male icon?

Kat: DMX at the moment, I’m saying yeah. He’s not just doing the thug thing he’s doing some films and showing a whole different side to his actual character. Then there is Samuel L Jackson, this man is The Man for me. No one took any notice of him when he was ready for to play the game, but he didn’t give up. Now he’s done Star Wars the biggest movie in the world plus the sequel, he’s done untold movies with the best of the best actors he’s The Man!

Cola: Yeah it’s true I remember reading about him when he was on the front cover of the Big Issue, he was homeless for a while wasn’t he.

Kat: Yep, a lot of people don’t know that, he’s great. He came from nothing to having the black film industry locked down and Hollywood.

Cola: Why do you think that he hasn’t won an Oscar yet?

Kat: Don’t know, but when he does people will be like, yeah it’s over due, respect due and it’s about time.

Cola: In one sentence entwine your life with Samuel L Jackson?

Kat: The way Kat will be looking when he’s old in regards to success.

Cola: So you wanna take over Hollywood?

Kat: No. I have markets that I can hold onto, tap into and take over. It’s not even about taking over if the world perceives me as taking it over then that’s their perception. It’s just me getting and enjoying entertaining people in different sections of the market. So if it’s doing films or standup, theatre or dance it will be that. Being the best I can be and not saying when I’m sixty, I should’ve done that or I should’ve done this, but I had to go and work in Mc Donald’s . Ya know what I mean. Just keeping my mind and body as fit as possible.

Cola: What was your first job?

Kat: Gee wiz, can I remember, urm teaching.

Cola: Teaching wah?

Kat: Performing Arts.

Cola: Okay, did you study and do you’re A levels in Performing Arts?

Kat: Na, I left school and did my own thing by going to primary schools and working with children. I still do it sometimes as well.

Cola: Gwan, when you were teaching were there some students that stood out?

Kat: Yeah, there’s people I’ve taught, I’ve got one that is a British champion at badminton. Street dance champion as well. I’ve got people who’ve studied academically and they’ve gone onto be lawyers and other bits and bobs. So I got a lot of successful people whether they call themselves successful is another ting.

Cola: And it’s because of you?

Kat: Some would say that, I would say it’s most probably what I’ve instilled in them. But then someone else instilled those values in me.

Cola: If you weren’t presenting what would you be doing now?

Kat: I’ll find some way to entertain, I’ll always be perfo….

Cola: …..Sorry to cut you, but if you weren’t entertaining. Mary J Blige said on her latest album titled Love and Life, that if she wasn’t performing and given the chance to be a superstar, she’d be braiding hair, hustling two jobs.

Kat: Policeman.

Cola: Because it’s a responsible job, being a part of the community?

Kat: No, because it’s about getting money, paying bills and making sure that you keep the wolfe away from the front door. I’d be policeman get my pension scheme, yeah.

Cola: What advice would you give to someone who has crime in one hand and the prospects of a good career in the other?

Kat: There is no limit to what you can do, only the limit of your own imagination.

Cola: Who is your female icon.

Kat: My Mum.

Cola: Is she your best friend?

Kat: No I’m my best friend.

Cola: Is your mother proud of you?

Kat: I could say yeah, but I’d be blowing my own trumpet. But only my mother can say I’m proud of my son!

Cola: Do you use her heart to pour all your troubles into?

Kat: Nope I feel that my mum has done enough and doesn’t need the stress. I’ve looked after other peoples children and you worry, now times that by a thousand times for a mother. No you couldn’t even times it, because there’s one thing that my good, good friend Usive, I call him X5 he’s my good Turkish friend. He told me about a Turkish proverb. There was this man and his mother used to look after him everyday. Then one day the mother fell really ill and he started to look after her, because he felt it was his duty to look after his mum. One day he asked God above and said “What do I do” and God said “You have to look after your Mother.” After two years, three, five ten, he’s still carrying her on his back and every where his mother wanted to go he carried her. Then he asked God again one day, “God have I done enough have I repaid my debt to my mother.” God replied “You have not even paid back one night debt where she used to worry about you.” So I would never give my mum any burden of mine. If I was broke I would still go to her cleanly shaven and smiling. She gave birth to me, yes, but she didn’t give birth to me for her to have to worry! Mum knows that I’m doing okay at the moment and what ever I get she can have some of it.

Cola: What your Favorite place in London?

Kat: My bed.

Cola: As a judge what qualities would you like to see, feel and hear?

Kat: Everything.

Cola: What is your biggest strength? Oh my shoe?

Kat: (Laughing) it look likes you should take to walking in the middle of the road.

Cola: Hush up you, help me with my foot and get back to the question please?

Kat: (Still laughing) my biggest strength is what you see is what you get. I’m in control of my own mind and I don’t let the world get me down.

Cola: How do you give back to the community?

Kat: I do one to ones, visit schools. I do non profitable events, but if their making money, mi charge dem because their making profit from the use of my name.

Cola: What type of female are you attracted to?

Kat: Ones with two feet and two hands.

Cola: Do you have any pets?

Kat: Yes a dog, it’s rude and the other day I had to curse him.

Cola: Why?

Kat: Because I went away on holiday, came back and he still wanted to walk around the manner like it was his castle. It’s my castle and he forgot who was king. I take good care of him having a pet is like having a child. I think I’ll be a great father one day!

Cola: Why do you play on the fruit machines?

Kat: Because it’s my escapism. But I also play the fruit machines with professionalism. Some people use these machines as a way to survive and pay bills. Going from machine to machine all day long cleaning them out. Oh see the machines trying to tease and tempt me. Should I? Yep I’m going to. See now I’ve lost. (To the machine) Your mothers a calculator.

Cola: So how much do you win and lose on this ting?

Kat: It depends, I end up staying on the machine for sometimes two hours or from twenty minutes to four hours. But if I lose then I won’t spend anything else for the week to make up for it. Sometimes I put the amount lost in the bank. It’s fun game especially when I come in with £1.50p and end up winning jack pot for twenty five pounds.

Cola: An article was titled “Where are the black stars of the UK screen” Thursday September 11th 2003 Tim Lott from Evening Standard wrote and I quote “I am left with a regrettable ignorance about their lives. And if my experience is typical, this is very bad news, because out of ignorance grows prejudice.”

Kat: It’s all true which is why I’m trying to get my own show o MTV Base.

Cola: Can we do anything to help and if so what is it?

Kat: You can support me by emailing www. Mtvbase.co.uk. State why Kat should have his own show.


A delightful human being, great qualities with the makings of a British Sammy Davis Junior, without the tap dancing. I that Kat gets to shine like the bright star that he truly is


Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise