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Welcome to the wonderful world of "Ease"!!

I am a young Black male born and raised in South London (Brap Brap)
I am currently working with young children in after-school club and primary school my occupation is a play-worker and lsa one2one support worker. Sometimes it is a full on job but I love working with children and feeling their energy, just knowing that I can help them to progress and grow so they get positive results makes it all worth while.

When I am not working with the kids in between times I am a musician rapper and confined poet. But before I go on any further let me take you back to when I found music......Well I’m a 80’s baby born in year 1985, I grew up in a musically talented family my mum was a singer and dad used to play the drums so from a early age I had a brief understanding about studio’s, studio sessions, the correct way of holding a microphone etc.

As I used to go to sessions with parents from time to time I learnt their generation of music that was played frequently around the house, this music became my foundation. I'm told that my first baby steps were like dancing, and from then onwards I would dance barely being able to keep balance on my diddy feet to the sound of music.

As I got older I not only acknowledged music but had a love, interest and a craving for it. So as I was destined to be a musician I formed a band with two school friends one of the members was "Cease" from the group I am currently involved in, it seemed to be a fun experience that didn’t last long then I started mc’ing on garage tracks then joined another group started playing on underground radio stations known as horror & delight fm that was going on for about a year then that group split up due to unforeseen circumstances.

I went solo writing rhymes throughout my secondary school years to garage beats. I was being influenced by others around me lunchtime beat boxing, banging the table and organising battling competitions, it then grew on me that music is life and a way a expressing ones self so then I started writing to strictly Rap/Hip-Hop for about 1year before me and cease formed 2-way. I felt I needed more beats in a bar to express myself and what was going on around me and just generally being true to music. So Cease and I saved money and built a studio making sure our true potential came through and to give others guidance and reasuurance through our music

….so now I’m here on the 80's babies project, a bit like a preacher but more like a messenger just trying to imply the truth whilst having fun with it.

Thank You for reading


Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise