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Born in Wolverhampton to a Jamaican father and English mother. Adopted at 1 year old and raised in the small town of Market Drayton in rural Shropshire. I had a somewhat tough but beautiful upbringing. Tough in the sense of being one of only about 10 black people out of 16,000 white people in the early nineteen eighties, yet beautiful because I had endless summers with seemingly limitless countryside and nature with which to run free.

I have too many good memories to mention, but one childhood memory always sticks in my mind. One day when I was around 5 years old my mum was taking me somewhere on the bus, and the bus driver asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up? I paused, reflected and boldly replied “I want to be a man!!” My mother still laughs about this to this very day! I’m still trying to be a man, but the irony is that thus far in my life journey I have actually been a bus driver myself!! It took me no time at all to become aware of my black heritage, as I had it verbally abused, spat and sometimes beaten into me up until about the age of 11.

What hurt the most I guess was when supposed elders/parents who should have known better were venting more racism at me than their own children! I gotta give BIG love and thanks though to my mum who is white and my dad who was half Indian, they endured as much if not more harassment than me, but they still raised me to be aware of the blessings of love and communication! My school teachers were second to none, and although they were all white, they pushed me harder than most pupils, but not out of discrimination, more because they really did care about me and wanted me to shine.

I feel I really let them down during those school days, but maybe I can pay my dues by doing things such as this competition, I can shine some glory back on them!! Respect yuh teachers y’all ya’hear!! Due to my geographical situation, it wasn’t until I was around 15 that I had my first romantic encounter with a beautiful black sistren. She was visiting from London and she and I just connected on that unspoken heritage level and from that point on I’ve known and understood that I’m definitely more mentally, spiritually and physically inclined towards my strong, beautiful and dignified black woman, a love of my sisters so strong that it has even led me to travel to the shores of Africa before this time.

I guess there were two main turning points in the development of my life, the first being at the latter part of my 21st year upon returning from Ireland In search of fortune. Things weren’t going well at all and I remember looking into the mirror and realising that no matter how tough life gets, there must always be a reason for life. That is when I discovered the spiritual me. The second turning point was upon returning from a visit to Senegal and realising a more humble, dignified and simplified life outlook on which I am still building this very day.

If I have one purpose in life then I would say that it is to live in love of humanity and cosmos and to pass on any wisdom that I may gather along the way. I have been asked what I would do if I were to rule the world. Well, for starters Id win this competition of course!!! No seriously! It’s not about that at all.

Were I to be world president then I guess I would remove borders (they are not natures way) end the arms trade globally, abolish secret societies, re-arrange the world banking and trade systems, re-organise the global agricultural policies to promote REAL equality.
I would make compulsory for every human being the learning of meditation and self awareness, irrespective of race colour or creed, ban all soap opera rubbish on TV and make compulsory a decent understanding of Quantum Mechanics/Physics (it’s surprisingly useful!!!) and finally admit that there are in fact U.F.Os !! Well, that’s about it my people! I hope that this biography has been enjoyable and I wish you all peace and prosperity for all your days!

Jah Love One and All .

Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise