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I've always been a good girl except, like the song by Joe I'm not taken. I won't be until I get married. When love does say hello I'll be saying hi right back. The life of a life that has been studying non-stop is an educated one. I want to be successful and I don't want anything to stand in my way. I control every aspect of my life to the best of my ability and if I fail it will be down to my body giving up, attacking me or just being buried six foot under.

I believe that life is for the taking and I'm going to have my cake and eat all of it. I want the man, family and career. I'm an organised person and know that if you respect time then time will reward you. So I see my goals as realistic and obtainable to me. I love cake and I love many different varieties.

I like people smiles. Which is why I'm studying to be a dentist. I think it's a great career to have because everyone has teeth, it ensure that at fifty I won't be put on the scrap heap because no one will promote me or take me seriously as a woman. There are so many gifted women passed the age of fifty and society won't employ them with the same enthusiasm as they would a twenty something female.

Most women who are still in employment are nurses, teachers, doctors, professional and self-made women. The rest are washer - women or cleaners, tossed aside by society. I see them when I'm on my way home from socialising, getting the bus late at night to make their morning shift. I feel for them, they should be at a time in their lives where their children/husband can look after them. To travel so late at night to keep the roof over their heads is way to dangerous. It's not fair as they are to young to collect a pension. That is why I study so hard because if all else fails I'll have me to depend on. My future has me running my own dentistry, with early retirement.

Studying into your early twenties - considered as the best part of your life, is tough when most of your friends from school are in full time employment, achieving the credit card with the high credit limit. Buying the latest fashion while paying off their student loan with relative ease. But I feel okay about it because when I start my career I'll be earning twenty-five grand a year minimum. So I'll make up for it. Just a thought, but I think that most students in the near future will opt for a degree that pays well in the long run. I have some friends who wished they had taken a better career choice and regret doing their degree because it's seemed as the normal thing to do. They didn't enjoy their studies which is why they can never go back to study something they think they might enjoy. Some of the friends I speak of have declared themselves bankrupt and started new lives and new jobs with no debts. It's a very tempting road to go down, but I can't afford such a luxury because I want to own my own business.

I'm starting to sound perfect so I'll tell you about my flaw. It's a biddy one, but it has been known to make me work in Iceland. It's clothes I'm a sucker for them. You name it I'd love to have it. My mum said that's the real reason why I chose such a high paying career. That's the only part for me that suck's about being a student. I only worked in Iceland because what I wanted my parents wouldn't pay for. Their exact words were "If you want it you can pay for it yourself," I remember it well. I even tried the tactic sentences, "Think of all the hours I'll miss studying working to pay for it", "Do you want me to fail my exams", "I'll pay you back a year after I graduate". The latter didn't work. They just showed me the mounted bill that has been promised to them for the last two years.

Okay now I sounding like a brat, I'm not really. I just enjoy being a daughter and seeing how far I can go with my parents, like most children. But don't take that the wrong way either, my parents have spoiled me all my life. Now that I need their help more than ever they've dried up on me and left me to fend mostly for myself. Which is a bit of drag, but good for me in the long run I suppose. I always have a bit of a moan about my situation so it's only normal that I should write a moan. That's another reason I study so hard. When I want something I don't want to wait for it or wait for someone else to allow me to have it. I must admit when I had to work for that gorgeous item of clothing, I got vexed sometimes and realized that it couldn't happen to me again. I'll work hard in my twenties and enjoy the fruits of my labour in your thirties.

President is the best job on the face of the planet. That's if you honestly know want to do with it. I've pondered on this question for around a month now and still cannot accept the responsibility of answering the question, even though it is a hypothetical one. It has been hard for me because being president these last eight months meant that you were responsible for the world and the life within it. It meant being responsible for a change in history and the way countries deal with each other throughout the next century. It meant having the world become a horizon of terror because words uttered from your mouth declared war. But I've decided that I need to have fun with idea and can now answer what would I do if I were president of the world. I would place a love chip in every human being's brain from the moment of his or her birth. Creating a race of people with little disrespect and if so only to be used when called for, in fact any disharmony will be miniscule, just verbal abuse at worst.

Trying to look into the crystal ball is hard and sometimes the possibility of never achieving what you set out to do can be quite daunting. But the future looks bright it definitely orange as I imagine myself sitting in front of many sunrises and sunsets in my lifetime. See you in May,


Lambeth Business Awards 2009 - Commended Best Social Enterprise